Black Crown Envy Bracelets
Black Crown Envy Bracelets

Black Crown Envy Bracelets

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Black Crown Envy Bracelets, a stunning blend of elegance and sophistication. These bracelets are the epitome of style, designed to accentuate your unique fashion sense and make a bold statement.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Black Crown Envy Bracelets feature a sleek black band that exudes an air of mystery. The crown charm, adorned with shimmering black crystals, adds a touch of regal allure and instantly catches the eye.

Product Overview 
  • Men's Set 
  • Casual/ Formal Wear 
  • Filled with Matte Black and Glossy Black 10mm Beads 
  • Black Accent King Crown Bead
  • Black Accent Curved Cylinder Bead
  • Finished off the look with Silver Spacer Beads
  • Handmade with Love