Our Story | Entrigued By Designz

Who We Are 

Entrigued by Designz is a Black Owned Mother, Daughter Business from Brooklyn, New York, who creates luxury custom pieces for the everyday person. What started out as a hobby to create stylish and custom creations for our local Girl Scout Troop, has quickly expanded and evolved in creating Entriguing custom pieces for all kids and Adults.

What We Do 

We workday end and day out to come up with Entriguing Designs that captures our customers eyes. We offer one of a kind custom creation where no item is ever duplicated!  We work very hard to create and provide great quality service which translates into our Entriguing Designs we create on a daily basis. And our customers love and appreciate it every day. 

Why We Do It

We enjoy servicing our clients and executing their vision! We want our clients to have one-of-a-kind statement pieces that make them feel confident, stylish, and powerful in their everyday lifestyle.